Preparations are underway for the 3rd Foça International Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Documentary Film Days, which will take place on line from 22-25 October. “Leading Ladies: The Legacy of Puduhepa” focuses on women in connection with archaeology and culture. The four-day virtual festival will include 14 documentaries by filmmakers from Turkey and abroad as well as workshops and talks with participating film directors. 



Film List 


Turkey (2020)   

Directed by Orhan Tekeoğlu   


A Legend of the Taurus Mountains 

Turkey (2003)   

Directed by Aylin Eren  


Woman’s Touch  

Turkey (2020)   

Directed by Enes Yurtsever and Turgut Cığızoğlu 


Assyrian Correspondences   

France (2020)   

Directed by Vanessa Tubiana-Brun 



Israel (2020)   

Directed by Eitan Wetzel 



Turkey (2020)   

Directed by Yunus Arı 


Las Marthas 

USA (2014)   

Directed by Cristina Ibarra 


Lost Songs 

India (2020)   

Directed by Om Singh 


Playing With Fire  

Greece (2014)   

Directed by Anneta Papathanassiou 


Puduhepa: An Anatolian Superhero   

Turkey (2020)   

Directed by Barış Özcan 


Sand Path  

Spain (2018)   

Directed by Aida Ballmann 


The Harvest  

Dominican Republic (2015)   

Directed by Wendy P. Espinal  


The Mosuo Sisters 

USA/China (2012)   

Directed by Marlo Poras 


Tree of Life 

Turkey (2012) 
Directed by Filiz Temiz Gecikmiş