Kadenya are:

Ayhan ACAR (Producer): Retired Electricity teacher, lives in Foça, is interested in cinema and literature.

Nursen ENER (Director): Retired art teacher. He completed his master's degree in Art Psychotherapy from the University of London. She is interested in painting, sculpture, ceramics and cinema.

Kaan KABASAKAL (Screenplay / Voice): He likes to be there for whatever is human.

Deniz KABASAKAL (Director of Photography): Born in Izmir in 1998, she is currently a student at the psychology department.

Ayşe CALISKAN (Assistant Director): She moved to Izmir after her retirement. Painting and literature are her interests.

Elif TELCİLER (Editing): She studied law and worked as a lawyer for a while. Now she is a farmer and interested in cinema.

Yusuf UNAY (Editing): After graduating from DEU-GSF Dramatic Writing Department, he worked as a screenwriter, then settled in Foça. He is a farmer and an animal liberation activist.

Their film "Stone on Stone" was selected for screening at Foça Film Days 2022.