Born into 9/8

Shot by students at Yasar University's Department of Radio, Television and Cinema, 'Born Into 9/8' tells the story of Hamdi Akatay, the master percussionist who opened up a new world for the Roma youth of Izmir's Tepecik neighbourhood. While Tepecik has long been known for its social problems, the neighborhood residents possess an outstanding musical talent. This film introduces us to Akatay's orchestra, which gained international renown for its synthesis of Eastern and Western musical traditions.

Music is universal, and it's no surprise that this film, directed by Halid İlhan, has made its way into numerous festivals - most recently the International Copper Coast Film Festival in Swansea, where it received the award for Best Documentary.


  • Halid İlhan
  • TURKEY | 2018 | 18'
  • Turkish | English Subtitles