Nice, Very Nice

A maze of narrow, winding streets filled with 17th century mosques and Ottoman palaces, the Casbah, the historical centre of the Algierian capital Algiers, has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992. In “Nice, Very Nice,” director El Khayer Zidani allows us to glimpse some of daily life in the Casbah as it is lived by one local resident: Didou. At 88, Didou is still in top form, and he’s happy to show off his apartment, a marvel of ornamentation that he has concocted as a loving tribute to his late wife. Both Didou and his apartment are among the lesser known tourist attractions in the Casbah.


  • Kurtuluş Özgen
  • TURKEY | 2015 | 61'
  • Turkish | English Subtitles