Gaza Surf Club

Hope blossoms in strange ways in the Gaza Strip, where sieges, bombings and blockades are a part of life. In Gaza Surf Club, directors Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine introduce us to three young Palestinians who turn to surfing as an escape from the pressures of living in an occupied region.

Surfing is a part of coastal culture throughout the world, but in the Gaza Strip, an actual surfboard is as rare as a precious jewel, and the region’s economic, political, and religious forces have prevented the pastime from gaining traction. Gaza Surf Club hones in on three individuals with indomitable spirits: Abu Jayab, a local surfing pioneer; Sabah, a young girl on the verge of womanhood, and Ibrahim, a young man who wants to help local surf culture grow. 


  • Philip Gnadt
    Mickey Yamine
  • GERMANY | 2017 | 87'
  • Arabic | Turkish Subtitles