Children of Flamenco

Amós Lora, a twelve-year-old from Salamanca, has been playing guitar and composing since he was three, and has been recognized by the virtuoso guitarist Paco de Lucía. Abraham Motos, also 12, is a charismatic flamenco singer growing up in the Gitano (Roma) community on the periphery of Madrid in an extended family where flamenco singing is a part of everyday life that is passed on from generation to generation.

Directed by Katerina Hager, Children of Flamenco hones in on these two child prodigies to examine the vibrant subculture of flamenco in Spain and the passing of music and life philosophy from father to son.


  • Katerina Hager
  • CZECHIA | 2013 | 66'
  • Spanish | Turkish Subtitles