From marble sculptures by the neo-classical sculpture Antonio Canova to oil paintings by the modern master Pablo Picasso, the Modern Art Gallery of Milan presents the public with a comprehensive collection of works of art displayed in a stunning 19th century villa. But a large part of the GAM’s collection, like that of most museums, is made up of works that are kept in storage. Recovering the works of this so-called “hidden heritage” is a fundamental part of the life of any museum. Gaetano Maria Mastrocinque’s short documentary "Awakening" illustrates an innovative restoration technique being used by the Milan Modern Art Gallery to give new life to an aging work of art.

“Awakening” has been shown at several Italian festivals including the prestigious Rassegna Internazionale di Cinema Archeologico di Rovereto. The film’s screening at Foça Film Days is made possible with the support of the Istanbul Italian Cultural Institute.


  • Gaetano Maria Mastrocinque
  • ITALY | 2018 | 23'
  • Italian | Turkish Subtitles