The Plight of Arezzo

The Plight of Arezzo traces the fundamental historical steps that led Cosimo I De Medici to establish the Medici Fortress on the hill of San Donato in Arezzo. It shows, in an epic and evocative key, how this mighty Renaissance fortification was able to dominate the entire city of Arezzo. Thanks to the reading of the archaeological remains and the places recently returned to light, the Medicean Fortress of Arezzo provides elements and clues that go well beyond the mere Renaissance construction story. It is an investigation of the origins and identity of the millennial history of the city of Arezzo. The film, which was shown at the Rovereto Archaeological Film Festival, will be screened at Foça Film Days thanks to support from the Italian Cultural Institute of Istanbul.


  • Gaetano Maria Mastrocinque
  • ITALY | 2019 | 23'
  • Italian | Turkish Subtitle