Little Badem Drops By Foça

One of Foça’s most famous residents from recent years is a Mediterranean Monk seal named Badem. Rescued from the coast of Didim in 2006, Badem the Seal was brought to Foça, where she spent 6 months being rehabilitated before being released back into the wild. Badem’s name became known throughout Turkey, and her plight raised awareness among the public about this endangered species. It also led to the opening of a rehabilitation centre just outside the town of Foça, where SAD-AFAG have rehabilitated a number of seal pups.

This short film from Yurdakul Kabasakal is a newly edited-down version of an earlier film shot back when Badem was just a pup.


  • Yurdakul Kabasakal
  • TURKEY | 2019 | 20'
  • Turkish