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A Section From Troy

Take a tour of Troy with Engin Cumali, a local villager who has worked on the excavations for more than 20 years.

aunt ummu

Aunt Ummu

Stubborn and enterprising, Ümmü Yerlikaya is a villager from western Anatolia who has been transplanted to a city in northern Germany. But adapting to it is another question.


Bringer of Christmas

Santa Claus, or “Father Christmas” is a figure known and loved throughout the world. But not all Santas get the chance to relax in a sauna on Christmas Eve…


Calalai – in-betweenness

The Bugis of Indonesia believe in the existence of five genders, including ‘calalai’, an identity ‘in-between’ man and woman.


Conscience Point

Conscience Point unearths a deep clash of values between the Shinnecock Indian Nation and their elite Hamptons neighbors, who have made sacred land their playground.

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Cops, Robbers and Old People

Magic and superstition are combined in an ancient tradition from the remote mountain village of Bruçó, Portugal.


Fire and Water

Baking bread and making soap are traditional activities that occupy women in villages in western Anatolia. But who says women can’t fish?!

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Ganj Dareh

A behind-the-scenes look at this Neolithic site in the Zagros Mountains considered one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Iran.


Gargano Fairy Tale

All the world loves a fairy tale, and Gargano is no exception. In Adriano Losacco’s retelling of “The Parable of the Chickpea,” historical film archives provide us with the image of the trickster hero.


Hello Neighbour

“Hello, Neighbor” is waving its hand at everyone who is sharing in the life of their neighborhood or street.

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Homo Sapiens – New Origins

In an ancient cave in the south of Morocco, an international team of
archaeologists made an unique discovery. A game changing find that would completely
rewrite the story of our species

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How She Moves

Bharatanatyam, a form of Indian classical dance originating in Tamil Nadu, became her forte and she its exponent.


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