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Take a tour of Troy with Engin Cumali, a local villager who has worked on the excavations for more than 20 years.

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Stubborn and enterprising, Ümmü Yerlikaya is a villager from western Anatolia who has been transplanted to a city in northern Germany. But adapting to it is another question.


Santa Claus, or “Father Christmas” is a figure known and loved throughout the world. But not all Santas get the chance to relax in a sauna on Christmas Eve…


The Bugis of Indonesia believe in the existence of five genders, including ‘calalai’, an identity ‘in-between’ man and woman.


Conscience Point unearths a deep clash of values between the Shinnecock Indian Nation and their elite Hamptons neighbors, who have made sacred land their playground.

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Magic and superstition are combined in an ancient tradition from the remote mountain village of Bruçó, Portugal.


Baking bread and making soap are traditional activities that occupy women in villages in western Anatolia. But who says women can’t fish?!

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A behind-the-scenes look at this Neolithic site in the Zagros Mountains considered one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Iran.


All the world loves a fairy tale, and Gargano is no exception. In Adriano Losacco’s retelling of “The Parable of the Chickpea,” historical film archives provide us with the image of the trickster hero.


“Hello, Neighbor” is waving its hand at everyone who is sharing in the life of their neighborhood or street.

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In an ancient cave in the south of Morocco, an international team of
archaeologists made an unique discovery. A game changing find that would completely
rewrite the story of our species

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Bharatanatyam, a form of Indian classical dance originating in Tamil Nadu, became her forte and she its exponent.


We may all love the sea and the marine life it holds, but do we know as much about them as these four fishermen from Sinop?

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An art full of colors and elegance in the desert of Iran

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Foça is often referred to as “paradise”. Leftovers is the story of young people lucky to have been born and grown up in this beautiful setting, but who still bear the burdens of life in a small town.

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Izmir has had a Levantine community for centuries. Who were they then? And who are they today?…

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A man and his 10-year old son travel upriver to their village cemetery, which has been flooded by a controversial dam.

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At one time, there were more than 800 ‘Turkish Baths’ in the UK; today, only 12 of these baths are left intact.

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An essay about memory, life and death shot in India, Thailand, Nepal, China and Cambodia.

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Dorothy Eady was a pioneering Egyptologist born in London in 1904. She was also, so she believed, the reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian priestess, Omm Sety.

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Their ancestors were imported to the Ottoman Empire as agricultural labor, but the only thing “African” about today’s Afro Turks is the color of their skin.

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Bridging cultures, inspiring strength and bringing joy, this is the story of a Man, A Mountain, and a Piano.

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In the mountains of southern Turkey, Shakespeare’s King Lear turns delicately into Queen Lear in the hands of a peasant-women’s theatre troupe.

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Zekeriya Sabuncu. Yurşalin Demirci. Naif Demirci. The last three Armenians in Derik.

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150 years after his grandfather fled the Caucasus to Turkey, Engin Ebjnou Ay decides to head back “home”.

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The entrancing visions in Safarnoma: Notes on a heritage path may entice you into planning a trip to the cultural heritage sites of Tajikistan.

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Sediye Yokuş’s life in the village of Başkaya includes hardship and loneliness, but also beauty and simplicity.


Goca Yorük lives in Elmalı, Antalya and is in love with wheat.


Fatma is a member of the “Marsh Arabs” community, whose culture and livelihood are tightly linked to the unique ecosystem of Iraq’s wetlands.

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British sub-culture at its most captivating and bizarre, Shrovetide hasn’t lost its edge in over 900 years… Watch out for the fishpond!


An abandoned urban site with a contentious multicultural history, “The Pit of Shame” has a fascinating past and a questionable future.


A descendant of Slavophones in northern Greece who were known by their neighbours as “the locals”, Kyriaki is a woman in search of linguistic and cultural identity.

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Three decades after the world’s most infamous nuclear disaster, independent stalkers and organized tour guides explore some deeply disturbing cultural heritage from the 20th century.

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A 20th-century steel plant and a 17th-century caravanserai that grew up side-by-side highlight the connection between history, culture and the urban environment.

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For centuries France has been renowned as the nation of luxury. But it took espionage, kidnappings and bribery to hoist the country to the pinnacle of Europe’s luxury-goods market.

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The Palio di Siena may go back to the 16th century, but the Palio de San Michele goes back to… the 1960s! Director Giluia Binario shows us what happens when a small town in Italy invents its own tradition

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As the folks at Lapin Kulta beer in Finnish Lapland have demonstrated, even if you’re a multi-national corporation, you just can’t keep a good yeast down.

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Meet Fevzi Olca: a poet, a craftsman, and the last master to practice the art of leather sandalmaking in Marmaris.

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Built in the 13th century, the Radkan Tower is believed to be a sophisticated astronomical structure used to identify the changes of seasons and the arrival of the Iranian New Year.


All refugees are scars that left their mark.

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“The Rhythm of Life – In the Waters of Foça” invites us to share a day with a two-man team of net fishers who work the shore in harmony with nature.


“Once upon a time in the heart of Basilicata, there was a town where men transformed themselves into trees…”


For 25 years, the women of Vlasti took traditional Greek designs and transformed them into modern fashion at a local factory that was known to everyone in the village simply as “the Swedish Place”.

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From its initial appearance in 2019, the novel coronavirus was rapidly transformed from a localized outbreak to a global pandemic. This Iranian short film documents the ritual washing of the dead in the time of Covid-19.

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After working for many years in Germany, the 80-year-old Hasan returns to the highlands of Turkey to live in his old wooden house with his cow and calf, but without his son.

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‘Valenki’ are traditional felt boots from Russia. This black and white documentary reveals a colorful history behind these plain wool boots and the artisans that make them.

Waiting for Jean Paul

Rocafort Castle was built in the heart of the French Alps in 1090 and destroyed in 1305. The ruins laid buried and forgotten for seven centuries, until, in the year 2000…


An independent filmmaker from Taiwan travels with a group of Basque chefs to Yılan to meet young local entrepreneurs devoted to preserving and promoting their distinct culinary traditions.


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