Preparations are underway for the 3rd Foça International Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Documentary Film Days, which will take place on line from 22-25 October.

"Leading Ladies: The Legacy of Puduhepa" focuses on women in connection with archaology and culture. The four-day virtual festival will include 14 documentaries by filmmakers from Turkey and around the world. The program will also include workshops and talks with participating filmmakers. 

Just click on the titles to find out more about the films, and 'stay tuned' for all the program details...      

- 7 Cybeles - 

Turkey (2020)
Directed by Orhan Tekeoğlu 58'

It tells the success stories of women who got stuck in poverty and desperation like Zerge Torun, Sevilay Köseoğlu, Meryem Alpaslan, Seher Toprak, Melek Yılmaz, Fatma Kalkan and Güler Bal.

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- Playing With Fire -  

Greece (2014)
Directed by Anneta Papathanassiou

A documentary telling the story of actresses who are brave enough to work at theater and arts, being exposed to harsh criticism, societal disapproval, and even death threats aginst them and their families. 

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- Assyrian Correspondence - 

France (2020)
Directed by Vanessa Tubiana-Brun 47'

Through Tarām-Kūbi, we gain a perspective of a woman from 4000 years ago and appreciate her important role in the regional economy of Ancient Near East.

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- A Legend of the Taurus Mountains - 

Turkey (2003)
Directed by Aylin Eren 45'

The story of King Asativatas' fortress' discovery in 1946 in Karatepe-Aslantaş, near Adana and its huge contribution on the analysis of long unknown Hittite hieroglyphics. 

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- Doroteah - 

Israel (2020)
Directed by Eitan Wetzler İbraica 91'

Eitan Wetzler's film reunites Dorit with her dancers, exploring the individual relationships between the women, who reminisce about their time on stage. 

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- Lady - 

Turkey (2020)
Directed by Yunus Arı 

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- The Harvest -

Dominician Republic (2015)
Directed by Wendy P. Espinal

An award-winning short film that forms the first part of director Wendy P. Espinal's trilogy about rural life in the Dominican Republic.

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- A Woman's Touch - 

Turkey (2020)
Directed by Enes Yurtsever and Turgut Cığızoğlu

An uplifting story about a woman who was forced to get married at a young age laying her hands on a flour mill that has not worked in 12 years as a woman and her defiance on ingrained prejudices.

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- Lost Songs - 

India (2020)
Directed by Om Singh

An award-winning short film that serves a simple portrait of an elderly couple that highlights the quiet role of women in cultural transmission.

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- Sand Path - 

Spain (2018)
Directed by Aida Ballmann

The story of an inner and cultural journey from the perspective of an outsider...

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- Las Marthas - 

USA (2014)
Directed by Cristina Ibarra

Las Marthas is a 2014 documentary film directed by Cristina Ibarra, which follows two young women on their journey to their debut in 19th-century-inspired gowns at an event hosted by the Society of Martha Washington.

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- The Mosuo Sisters - 

USA/China (2012)
Directed by Marlo Poras

The story of Juma and Latso sisters from the Mosuo tribe, an ethnic minority in China that represents one of the last matriarchal societies in the world.


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- Puduhepa: An Anatolian Superhero - 

Turkey (2020)
Directed by Barış Özcan

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- Tree of Life – 

Turkey (2019)
Directed by Filiz Temiz Gecikmiş

In Tree of Life, Temiz Gecikmiş, a tour guide by profession, ruminates on our relationship with death as she leads us on a life-affirming journey through the historic city of Mardin in southeastern Turkey, where symbols of life as well as death can be observed in the ancient culture of the region.

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