Ganj Dareh

A few years ago, a group of Danish archaeologists came to Iran to work with their Iranian colleagues for the first time in one of the most famous and important prehistoric sites in the Middle East. Together they made groundbreaking discoveries. According to Hoijat Darabi, the Iranian archaeologist heading up the project together with his colleague Prof. Tobias Richter of the University of Copenhagen, the Mar-Gurgalan (Sarab) cave at Ganj Dareh appears to have been inhabited about 50,000 years ago and used by both Neanderthals and early Homo sapiens. Although the cave had been previously excavated by Danish archaeologists in the early 1970s, new scientific methods revealed further evidence of how sedentism and agriculture got their start in this area in the central Zagros mountain range. The documentary "Ganj Dareh" presents the findings of this important archaeological investigation into one of the key events in the history of humanity.