Our Only Home

Afro Turks were brought to the Ottoman Empire as an agricultural labor force from as early as the 15th century, although the majority arrived within the context of the 19th-century slave trade. Most Afro Turks eventually settled in rural areas of the Aegean Region, where they worked the rich and bountiful Aegean soil as farm laborers. With the establishment of the Turkish Republic, they received Turkish citizenship. Today, they number somewhere around five to ten thousand. They may refer to themselves as “Arabs”, “Black Turks” or “Afro Turks”, but nothing remains of their “Africanness” other than the color of their skin. “Our Only Home” presents the experiences of the Afro Turks - their difficulties in society, their marginalization, the discrimination they face due to the color of their skin, and their hopes of becoming more recognized and accepted within the larger society.