My Ladakh

Ladakh is a remote region in the Indian Himalayas sandwiched between India, Pakistan and China. In 2012, the chanting of Buddhist monks in Ladakh was inscribed in UNESCO’s List of Intangible World Cultural Heritage. Traces of Buddhist culture pervade the film My Ladakh, but its focus is on a different form of verse: rap music! This short documentary explores the vision of young up-and-coming rappers in Ladakh, where the contemporary music scene is all but non-existent. The handful of rappers involved in the nascent hip-hop scene are rapping about the changes they are witnessing all around them. While their rap idols are familiar ones – Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Drake – Deldan, LA Doll, Nubu Laba, Tsewang and Stanzin want their own rap, which they call “protest poetry”, to reflect their own cultural roots and their dreams for a better world.