The Land of My Forefathers

Irfan Noor K is not only the director and producer of this documentary, he is the thread that links together its different characters: archaeologists, smugglers, and local children in a dusty village in Balochistan, Pakistan. While researching the archaeology of his native Balochistan, Irfan Noor K, discovers that despite its great historical significance, the land of his forefathers is largely undocumented. Having grown up with a passion for archaeology and history, the budding young filmmaker sets out with a crew of fellow students on a journey to uncover the lost ancient history of their homeland and to understand how and why these ancient sites and artefacts have been forgotten. Shot entirely with a mobile phone during the Covid-19 pandemic, The Land of My Forefathers had its World Premiere at the Sharjah Film Platform 4 in November 2021.