Traces (Boncuklu Tarla)

In the southeast of Turkey, in the village of Dargecit, Mardin, villagers discovered ancient beads in a field by the Tigris River. Now, archaeologists are working to understand what life was like for the original inhabitants of Boncuklu Tarla (“Field of Beads”), a site that is believed to be 800 years older than Göbeklitepe. Ahmet Kılıç’s film Traces (Boncuklu Tarla) introduces us to this important Neolithic site. Was life for the world’s first agriculturalists really so different than it is for us today? While the archaeologists working at Boncuklu Tarlası are excavating physical remains from up to 13,000 years ago, Kılıç’s film digs into the past to find out what the ancient inhabitants of these lands can tell us about the universal human soul.