Calling all filmmakers:

In 2018, Foça Municipality’s Reha Midilli Cultural Centre hosted the first Foça International Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Documentary Film Days. In 2020, Foça Film Days went online for the first time. This October, Foça Film Days will introduce another first: the Foça Mobile Cinema.
Send us a short doc about Foça by 15 August. If we select your film, it will be included in the Foça Mobile Cinema program, which will run parallel to this year’s physical and online festival.
Questions? See the rules below.


6. Foça International Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Documentary Film Festival
4-8 October 2023


The first Foça International Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Film Days was held at the Foça Municipality’s Reha Midilli Cultural Centre in 2018. The event was designed to introduce and encourage preservation of the cultural heritage of Turkey and the world; to emphasize the importance of multi-culturalism and inter-cultural understanding; and to contribute to the development of cultural tourism in Foça. In 2023, Foça Film Days will be screening films in Foça and online, as follows:

1.  Main Program: The Reha Midilli Cultural Centre will host screenings of the majority of the International and National Selections.

2. Online Program: A select online program will be featured on the Foça Film Days YouTube channel during the festival.

3. Foça Mobile Cinema: QR codes that can be scanned to watch films in a Mobile Cinema Program will be placed at various locations in Foça. A map showing the locations of the QR codes plus information about the films will be available at the Reha Midilli Cultural Centre and on the web site The Mobile Cinema Program will be accessible throughout Foça Film Days.

Call for Short Documentary Films on Foça:

Rules and Regulations:

1. SUBJECT: People, places and things related to Foça, for example: lighthouse, griffon protons, Temple of Athena, Persian Monument, Zangoç’s house, “karataş legend”, salt depots, “Foça purple”, author Tarık Dursun K, painters Avni Arbaş, Ferruh Başağa, etc. (Films must not contain any overt political, sexual, racist, sexist, or violent content, inappropriate use of children, or unauthorized transfer of personal data, and should not encourage violent behaviour.)

2. LENGTH: 3-10 minutes

3. FORMAT: 720p or 1080p, .mp4 or .mov. No other technical restrictions apply.

4. LANGUAGE: Films in languages other than Turkish must include Turkish subtitles. Films in Turkish must include English subtitles.

5. FILMS PER APPLICANT: max. 2 films

6. RIGHTS/PERMISSION: The applicant declares the work to be their own, assumes all legal responsibilities related to rights to the material included in the film, and grants permission for the submitted work to be screened on the Foça Film Days YouTube channel.

7. SUBMISSIONS: All submissions must be sent by email to and include “Foça Mobile Cinema” in the subject line. Submissions should include the name of the submitter; title of the film; name, email address and telephone number of the director; a short description of the film, and a link to a downloadable copy of the film.


9. ACCEPTANCE: Films will be reviewed by a 2-person committee comprised of Güzin TÜMER and Berat ALANYALI as representatives of the Foça Film Platform. Applicants will be notified of their status by 1 September 2023. The decisions of the committee are final, binding, and cannot be challenged.