After partnering on the project "3Festival Cultural Exchange in the Eastern Mediterranean", festival directors Deborah Semel Demirtaş (Foça Film Days), Stavros Papageorgiou (Cyprus AEI Film Festival) and Kostas Spiropolous (Aegean Docs) finally got to meet in person at the Cyprus AEI Film Festival in Nicosia. Deborah was there as a member of the festival jury, and Kostas was there to be present at the screening of his film "Arcadia 1900. Champagne d’ Orient".

Another first-time-in-person meet-up was between Deborah and Mine Balman, one of 13 women who participated in an online MasterClass series sponsored by the US Embassy in Ankara in spring of 2022. The series, led by two experienced film producers from the United States, Cynthia Kane and Anjanette Levert, was designed to help women directors from Cyprus, Greece and Turkey develop their skills as producers.

The on-line meetings also provided an opportunity for the participating women to introduce and get feedback on their current projects. “Olivia”, the film mine presented, has since been shown multiple times in Cyprus and internationally. not only screened at the Cyprus AEI Film Festival, it also won the award for “Audience Favorite”, which it shared with the film “In Memory of Hadjisavvas,” directed by Paschalis Papapetrou. “Arcadia 1900. Champagne d’Orient”, directed by Kostas Spiropolous, also received a “Special Mention” from the festival jury.