Agreb Majnouna (The Guardians of Margoum)
Agreb Majnou poster
In the city of Oudhref in southern Tunisia women struggle behind their looms to prove their existence and uniqueness... The women of Oudhref there are as precious as the rain... they are the incarnation of art and memory, the secret of life and survival... Akram Moncer’s film about the culture of weaving in this area of Tunisia won a UGTT Award for Best Tunisian Feature Documentary at the 33rd edition of the Carthage Film Festival. The film is an incredibly comprehensive and entertaining film about the culture of weaving, with great cinematography and without even a hint of cultural imperialism.
Director Akram Moncer graduated from the Audiovisual and Cinema Department of the Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba in Tunisia. He has worked on several documentaries for the television channel Al Jazeera Documentary. In 2014, he directed his first feature film, Migratory Birds. Agreb Majnouna (The Guardians of the Margum) is his seventh and latest film. Moncer has also been the general director of the 48 Hour Film Project Tunis Festival since 2014.