Echoes of the City of the Dead: The Grand Necropolis of Olisipo
Echoes of the City of the Dead poster

The great necropolis of Olispo was first uncovered in 1850. More than a century later, additional discoveries were made in 1960 during construction of the Lisbon subway. In 1999, even more artefacts were unearthed during the construction of a parking lot. By gradually unveiling the great necropolis of Olisipo, this documentary offers us new and fascinating knowledge about our Roman ancestors. In the midst of skeletons and the remains of cremations, we find a rare compass from a woman who worked in gold jewellery, a skeleton buried with a coin to pay for the journey between the world of the living and that of the dead, and a kit that went along with a Roman doctor to his grave – all stories uncovered by archaeologists that introduce us to the people who lived in ancient Roman Lisbon. Through 3D virtual archaeological recreation and animation, this entertaining and informative feature documentary from Raul Losada takes us back to ancient Olisipo.


Raul Losada is an award-winning documentary filmmaker from Portugal. His films Echoes of the City of the Dead: The Necropolis at Olisipo is his second feature-length film about Roman Lisbon.