Following Traces of the Ephemeral
Photo 7 Ephimeral_POSTER

In 2018-2019, the Vassiliko Theatre in Thessaloniki hosted an exhibit of costumes from landmark plays staged at the National Theatre of Northern Greece over the course of its 56 years of existence. The exhibition allowed audiences the chance to admire these ‘tangible tokens of the ephemeral art of theatre’, displayed in special exhibition cases that blended with the space of the NTNG foyer. ‘Following Traces of the Ephemeral’ takes us on a virtual tour of this special exhibit. In addition to the stunning costumes on display, the film offers insightful interviews with Ioulia Stavridou, the well-known set and costume designer who curated the exhibit. As we follow the creation of theatrical costumes, from the designer’s conception to the final construction by the dressmaker, we see how much costume designs contribute to a performance, how designers approach design, how costume design has developed over the years, and how the exhibit at the Vassiliko Theatre was built to display these traces of an ephemeral form of cultural heritage.


Eirini Chatzikiriakidou was born and raised in Thessaloniki. She is currently an undergraduate student in the Film Department of the School of Fine Arts (AUTH) and also works in the production department of the National Theater of Northern Greece. Chatzikiriakidou is the director of “Traces of the Ephemeral,” a film produced by students and dedicated to the memory of Ioulia Stavridou, set and costume designer for the National Theatre of Northern Greece.