Forty Years After Fatma
Fatmadan Sonra afiş
The “tahtacılar” are descendants of settled Nomads living mainly in the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean hinterlands who traditionally engaged in seasonal forestry activities. The 1979 film “Tahtaci Fatma”, directed by Suha Arin, one of the doyens of documentary filmmaking in Turkey, is one of the earliest films about the group. In an interview in conducted 1999, Arin indicated that he wished to make another documentary - one that involved updated information about their conditions, as he had not been in touch with them for several years. In 2004, Arin passed away without realizing this wish. Why was Arin curious again about a community whom he already worked with twenty years earlier? In ‘40 Years After Fatma’, director Sezer Ağgez’s goes back to find Fatma and observe the changes that have taken place in the community over the past four decades. With him are some of the documentarians who worked with Suha Arin back in 1979.
Sezer Ağgez (b. Istanbul, 1993) began working in the field of documentary filmmaking as a student in the Communication Design Department of Istanbul Kultur University (IKU). Ağgez received both his BA (2013) and MA (2016) from IKU and his Proficiency in Art (Ph.D) from Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University in 2022. He is currently continuing his academic career and film/documentary studies at IKU. Forty Years After Fatma has been featured at prestigious festivals in Turkey and abroad, including the Turkish Pavillions at both the Berlin and Cannes Film Festivals. His 2017 film ‘Ta’rîz: Tooth for a Tooth, Word for a Word’ was screened at the first Foça Film Days in 2018.