Memory: Kültepe
Hafiza Kültepe afiş

The more than 20,000 tablets unearthed at Kültepe-Kanesh, situated just at the foot of Mount Erciyes (ancient Argeus) in present-day Kayseri, are the first written documents from Anatolia and mark the beginning of Anatolian history. During the first quarter of the second millennium B.C., Kültepe-Kanesh was the administrative centre of a complex trade network established between the north Mesopotamian city of Ashur and Anatolia. Unlike royal or temple archives discovered in other ancient centres, the cuneiform archives of Kültepe-Kanesh represent the single largest body of private texts in the ancient Near East. Excavations at the site, which was placed on UNESCO’s Tentative World Heritage List in 2014, have been continuing for more than 70 years. Through a wealth of visual material that includes old videos of the excavations led by archaeologist Tahsin Özgüç, along with new interviews with his student, Prof. Dr. Fikri Kulakoğlu, the current head of excavations, the documentary Memory : Kültepe provides a comprehensive look at the processes of archaeological discovery and the significance of Kültepe, whose findings are now being transferred to a digital environment to be shared with the world.

Zafer Geyikçi head

Born in 1993 in Kayseri, Zafer Geyikçi graduated from the Erciyes University Faculty of Fine Arts’ Department of Sculpture. His short films Poşet and Son Akşam Yemeği have won various awards. His short film screenplay Abis won the Production Award at the FilmYAP workshop at the 9th Okan University International Short Film Festival. Most recently, he won an award in the Sabancı Foundation Short Film Competition and many festivals with his short film Visitor. He continues to live in Kayseri, where he works in the advertising industry.