Stitch by Stitch
Cadena en Cadena poster

A women's embroidery collective in Mexico passes down traditional Maya patterns while innovating new designs and expanding gender roles for future generations. Rachel Thompson and her crew talk to some of the families involved in her short film 'Cadena en Cadena' (‘Stitch By Stitch’).



Rachel Thompson has made numerous short films ranging from narratives to documentaries that showcase a variety of themes. She enjoys taking general ideas and analyzing them through a new perspective whether that is through color, storyline, or the blending of genre. ‘Collaboration is at the core of my approach to filmmaking,’ says the director. ‘I couldn't do it without my team – Juliana Kasmanas, Andrew Miller, Sarah Kopecky, and Erick Chuc Santos who all worked on Cadena en Cadena. For instance, Erick, who is from Xpichil, was the film's associate producer and both enabled our access and helped shape the film's perspective. With this project and looking forward, I will continue to seek new ways to making filmmaking more sustainable and ethical with a production process that is as transparent and inclusive as possible.’ Rachel received the inaugural John Giancola Award for Excellence in Videography for 2023 from the Communication Department at the University of Tampa. ‘Stitch By Stitch’ was also recognized with the award for ‘Best Documentary’ at the 2023 UT Black Box Film Festival.