The Ancient Sicilian Transversal - Path of the Mother Goddess
Antica trasversale Sicula il cammino della dea madre

Inspired by the research of Biagio Pace, a well-known 20th-century Italian archaeologist, a group of enthusiasts set off on a trek through Sicily along the Ancient Sicilian Transversal, one of the oldest paths in Italy. Francesco Bocchieri’s feature documentary lets us accompany them on their journey from Mozia to Kamarina, along a route surrounded by stunning natural landscapes and filled with architectural treasures. Their 650-km trek leads them through 12 archaeological sites in the Sicilian hinterlands along a rediscovered route through nature and history. Stops include the prehistoric hill complex of Mokarta, the volcanic springs of Segesta, the caves of Entella and Gurfa, the Hellenic necropolis of Cozzo Matrice, the rock-cut tombs of Pantalica, and the Syracusan colony of Akrai.




Francesco Bocchieri was born in Ragusa, Italy in 1986. In 2018, at the age of 32, he reached a creative turning point, when, inspired by the history of his city, he and his wife Luana Dicunta decided to make their first documentary, "Ragusa Terra Iblea". His passion for archaeological themes and the natural and cultural history of his homeland led him to embark on an even more arduous challenge: the creation of a full-length documentary based on a 650-km walk across Sicily. “The Ancient Sicilian Transversal - Path of the Mother Goddess” has since been screened at numerous film festivals in Europe and Asia, including the RAM Film Festival (previously the Rovereto International Festival of Archaeological Film). Their production company, Terra Hyblea, continues to produce documentaries linked to the history and landscape of Sicily. Their films have been screened at more than 20 film festivals and won numerous awards.