Painting With Stone
Painting with stone poster

The ancient Roman port of Ostia was founded in the 7th Century BC. But like many ports in the Mediterranean, environmental changes led to the silting-up of the harbor, and eventually, this city of over 100,000 was completely abandoned. Today, Ostia Antica has been transformed into one of the world’s largest archaeological parks, which includes Ostia Antica, the Necropolis of Porto and Portus, the imperial port of Claudius and Trajan. The archaeological park holds many excavations, such as that of a theatre of Marcus Agripa for 3,000 man, many houses, baths and temples, as well as countless mosaics. With the restoration of mosaics from the ancient port of Ostia, the lifestyle and habits of the sailors of Ancient Rome are being rediscovered. For centuries, the sailors of the Roman imperial fleet found refreshment at the baths following their long and dangerous sea voyages. “Here We Start Painting With Stone” details the long and complex restoration of a floor mosaic that represents the recovery of an important archaeological asset as well as a model of integration that was one of the foundations of Roman society for centuries.


Massimo D'Alessandro is an award-winning filmmaker whose documentaries and television productions have been distributed internationally and screened at numerous festivals around the world. D-Allesandro is also a founding member of the non-profit organization ASSO, which specializes in underwater archaeology and cave exploration. ‘Here We Start Painting with Stone’, which was produced by A.S.S.O in collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica, has been screened at several international festivals and recently won the award for Best Archaeological Documentary at the Pompei Street Festival 2023.