Assyrian Correspondence
Photo 3 Taram-Kubi-3

2020, France, 47’          Dir. Vanessa Tubiana-Brun   Turkish/English      

Assyriologist Cecile Michel has been in charge of deciphering the cuneiform tablets unearthed at Kultepe, which document trade between Central Anatolia and Northern Mesopotamia. In Assyrian Correspondence, director Vanessa Tubiana-Brun introduces us to Michel's fascinating discoveries through the voice of Tarām-Kūbi, an Assyrian woman who regularly exchanged ‘letters’ with her husband and brother while they were away. Through Tarām-Kūbi, we gain a woman's perspective about daily 4,000 years ago and come to appreciate the important role women played in the regional economy of the Ancient Near East. 

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