Theophilos Gallery – Conservation to the Core

The best known Greek folk painter of the 20th century, Theophilos Hadjimihail – known simply by his first name, Theophilos – was an eccentric character whose personal life was as colorful as his paintings. Today, the Theophilos Museum on Lesvos houses much of his work. Many of his wall paintings can also be found scattered around the island, where the artist spent most of his life. In 1970, frescos from the Zolkos residence on Lesvos were detached and brought to Athens, where they were cut up into paintings to be sold to collectors. Instead, the works were purchased by the Ministry of Culture to be displayed in the Museum of Greek Folk Art in Plaka. This film documents the painstaking step-by-step process of conserving and restoring the works undertaken by Greece’s Directorate of Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments in 2016.